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We recently asked our clients how we are doing. Here are some responses...

TANYA recommends Smart Payment Plan


Arturo Rodriguez recommends Smart Payment Plan

The Smart Payment Plan helps me pay my bills on time without having to worry of late or missed payments. It's simple and easy to use. The best part of it helps payoff bills early.

Anonymous recommends Smart Payment Plan

The Smart Payment Plan has been an outstanding asset to me. I've been able to pay-off over $20,000 in car payments without any stress or emotional pressure. My payments were automatically made for me without the worry of remembering dates or having late fees. For anyone who feels overwhelmed with debt, I strongly urge them to avail themselves of this company. One's stress & concern about debt will be alleviated.

Chandra Randolph recommends Smart Payment Plan

I recommend Smart Pay to all my friends. Thanks to them we saved money by paying car off early. It really helps you manage money wisely.

Connie recommends Smart Payment Plan

This service was a Godsend. Due to an injury I was off work for a while. This service enabled me to keep my car. I was not able to pay the full monthly payment in one lump sum. Smart Payment helped me break it down into affordable weekly payments. I am so grateful to have discovered Smart Payment and would highly recommend it.

Jo Ann Gomez recommends Smart Payment Plan

This is the first time I have used your service , it works great for my budget.
Thanks Smart Payment plan
Keep up the good work.

Melanie Brewster recommends Smart Payment Plan

Fabulous!!! Thank you SMART!!!

Anonymous recommends Smart Payment Plan

Works just great

Brittany W recommends Smart Payment Plan

Having this option available has made it possible for my husband and I to afford to have more reliable vehicles and better cash flow. An online customer portal would be a great addition to help customers become more financially stable by seeing first hand the benefits of this plan.

Adrian Lawrence recommends Smart Payment Plan

Using Smartpay was the best decision I ever made, by using Smartpay I was able stabilize my cash flow after making some bad choices that put me way over budget.if I didn't have the flexibility in using Smartpay to deferred payments when insufficient funds are available, I will be berried in late fees and higher interest rate in results to bad credit score on my report so I highly recommend anyone that have or interested in getting a car ,a personal loan or any form of a bill and running low on cash after payments having Smartpay do it for you and see the difference monthly I'm living Proof is the best way to pay a bill.

STEVEN GALLAGHER recommends Smart Payment Plan

Great way to break down the monthly bills. IT helped me set a budget me and my wife could afford.

Kimberly tatum recommends Smart Payment Plan

I think that an email or statement should be sent out monthly to show what you have....But besides that I love the service

LaTonya H recommends Smart Payment Plan

If it were not for Smart Payment Plan, I would lost. There was no way possible for me to keep up with all my bill. Keep up the great work.

Carlos Menchaca recommends Smart Payment Plan


Virginia Baza recommends Smart Payment Plan

I've been with them for years ,years !!! They are awesome! !!